Sunday, May 22, 2011


We took a walk last night to a park that is a couple blocks from our house. It was beautiful out and the kids had a great time!

 (haha, Stella makes some funny faces!)

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  1. Oh wow do you guys have lots of nice grass around you to play in!! That's one thing I miss living over here is that there isn't much grass for the kids to lay on and play on!! But what we lack for in grass we make up in playgrounds....we have tons of playgrounds around us and I'm so thankful for them!!

    I love that you guys can take the kids out to play!! I love Stella's expressions!! Gideon is adorable!! So serious about his play!! N saw his bike and said....hey Gideon is riding the same bike I had at our yellow house. He was sort of missing his bike but also glad that Gideon was playing with it!! Also Gideon is alot safer with his helmet then my kids are!! I guess we need to get some helmets for them!!